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Immersive analysis.
Thoughtful solutions.
Decisive action.

This is Novo Advisors

With Novo Advisors® on your side, you can now act confidently. We are your go-to consultant in a challenging situation.

We are consultants that start by listening

Your business and situation are unique, and we respect that. Despite our experience guiding hundreds of turnarounds, restructurings, and distressed situations, we recognize that yours is different. We don’t come in with canned answers, but a unique approach that is customized to you and your company’s needs.

Our next step is immersion

Time is of the essence. We need to know your company and fast. Our team integrates itself into your business by analyzing data, asking questions, and assessing your current business environment. Like learning a new language, we get to know your business from your perspective as well as the industry perspective. We get to the heart of the matter quickly so you can expect improvement and results immediately.

We lead with heart

Companies are built by and with people, and our team never loses sight of that. Our goal from day one is to cultivate and build trust and alignment in every engagement. We treat your business like our own. Most of our senior team have owned businesses or worked in industry with profit and loss responsibilities. We get it. And we get you. Consider us the soft touch even as we are giving you the tough answers.
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Sandeep Gupta
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The right consultant can make all the difference.
Why choose Novo Advisors?
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Novo’s team is professional, trustworthy, dedicated and open-minded. They didn’t take a model from somewhere else and try to fit it into our business. They built it from scratch and didn’t take any shortcuts.”
G. Crosby
President & CEO, Fond Du Lac Cold Storage
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Your path forward:

Novo Advisors’ services

Comprehensive and fully-customized services are delivered with a growth mindset and an emphasis on practical, sustainable improvements.
  • Liquidity crisis & cash flow management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Operational improvement
  • Capital raises
  • Bankruptcy advisory
  • Receiverships
  • Wind down and recovery services
  • Assignments for benefit of creditors
  • Chapter 11 Trustee
  • Interim management services
  • Strategic initiative execution
  • Departmental reorganization
  • KPI improvement and implementation
  • Sales strategy
  • Pricing analytics
  • Profit and contribution margin analytics
  • Operation improvement
  • Business process improvement
  • KPIs
  • Business plan assessments
  • Merger Integration
  • Buy- and sell-side advisory
  • Carve-out / divestiture support
  • Post-transaction merger integration
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Investigations
  • Forensics
Find the best path forward with Novo.
Discover our services

Our consultants are always ON!

Consulting to us means coming up with unique strategies, not just project management

We are confident of our ability to advise because of the quality and experience of our team. Our senior leadership comes from diverse industry backgrounds and lives for the ability to roll up their sleeves, dig deep, and strategize on unique solutions to your most pressing issues.

No one will work harder on your behalf …

… just ask our clients. Rest assured, we’ll work by your side to make sure we’re developing practical and realistic solutions. With our many years of collective experience, we will develop the best possible outcomes for you and your business.

Get the quality work and rapid response you want.

Meet our team
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Join our award-winning team!
Join our team

A focused, intelligent, strategic approach, backed by industry AND functional expertise

Our team applies significant turnaround expertise in multiple industries — and unlike other firms, brings direct functional and business operations knowledge to bear on your challenge.
See the power of combined industry and functional expertise
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Be confident in achieving results

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See more about how Novo Advisors collaborates with company leaders:
For distressed companies

Results matter

Stakeholders want to see progress — fast. We continually bring ideas to the table to provide solutions for all parties.

We will also push back. It’s why you hired us.

Once we get to know your company, our advisors take our vast experiences and begin to question the process from every angle. We may want to challenge your team to look at your business through another lens and to consider more creative solutions. But we do this in an environment of trust and respect.

At Novo Advisors, discretion is key

We will help you craft the right message for your employees, lenders, vendors, equity and beyond. From our years of experience, we know what to say and when and how to present it. Consider us your coach and your support from start to finish.

You’re balancing the demands of many constituents. We help prioritize these demands and develop the right communication strategies that get results.
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Novo Advisors is very good at getting to the crux of the varied issues at hand, identifying the pressure points and the most important areas for focus. That’s where its knowledge and experience really come to bear.”
Law Firm

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