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For Distressed Companies

Collaboration and proven successes

Built on strategies specific to your business

Novo Advisors® has built its brand and reputation helping companies navigate distressed situations. We are adept at addressing immediate liquidity needs with a three-prong approach to mitigating and averting crises. We first understand a business’s immediate pain points. Then, develop a strategy to address immediate concerns and from there create a communication plan.

Rest assured, you will be involved with every measure we take. Novo prides itself on immersing itself in your business and tackling your challenges with you, so we can develop the best possible solutions together.

But that’s just the beginning. We will then work closely with you to develop a long-term strategic plan to ensure that the business remains on solid footing once we leave.

We will be with you every step of the way.

Choose a consultant that puts collaboration first

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Choose an advisor that really can assess the situation, understand it, and be specific and concrete about actions that need to be taken by management and the Board sooner rather than later — so you have more time to control the narrative and your own destiny, before you lose control of it.”
Board member, distressed company
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Novo Advisors salvaged the business. It wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Overall, in terms of business processes, dealing with customers, renegotiating payments, all of their work was executed quite well. We were quite happy with the results.”
CFO, Private Equity Firm
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We were running blind without data. We didn’t understand our margins by customer, and when Covid hit, we needed Novo Advisors’ intellectual background to help us figure out the best solution. Novo evaluated the business, our margins and our customers.

Now we have the data, and a strategy to make decisions about which customers to keep or replace. Novo created a new pricing model that enables us to actually price out customers that will generate the proper return and contribution margin. Now, we have confidence in our pricing because we have the data. There are no surprises when we bring on a new customer.

We could not have done that before. Without the pricing model, it was a hope and pray strategy. It’s been a great partnership.”
G. Crosby
President & CEO
Fond Du Lac Cold Storage
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In a very challenging situation, Novo Advisors did a great job in looking at this in a simple, basic way. They built a model and improved the dialogue with the bank. They worked hard to balance all the interests, for the best outcome for everybody. They did a good job for us, and we got good value for the cost.”
Board member, distressed company
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