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Novo Advisors offers a unique combination of industry and functional expertise

Novo Advisors’ vast industry experience sets us apart. As a team we have worked in just about every space imaginable, from farming and agriculture to automotive, food manufacturing, energy, retail, and beyond.
While we can speak to just about every industry, we also trust that our unique set of skills and breadth of experiences enables us to understand problems and circumstances that rise above the specifics of any one industry. There are often connections to be made across sectors. Novo Advisors® recognizes this and we leverage our knowledgeable team of professionals to serve your needs.
As critical as industry experience is our deep functional expertise. At Novo Advisors, we are well-versed in supply chain, warehousing and logistics, FP&A, treasury, plant operations, and organizational design.
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At Novo we know how to analyze a business fast. Whether we have experience in an industry or not, all our consultants can walk into a situation and in two to three weeks assess how to help.”
S. Gupta
Founder and Managing Partner
Novo Advisors
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