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Why Novo Advisors?

We specialize in challenging situations

When facing a business challenge, engaging a knowledgeable and experienced consultant is critical.
Whether it’s improving performance, a turnaround, or a restructuring, Novo Advisors® delivers results. We have a track record in a wide range of industries. From day one, we come armed ready to diagnose and offer solutions.
We are collaborative. As we begin to understand your circumstances, we work with you to develop a communication plan to gain the trust of your lenders, your board, and other essential stakeholders.
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In addition to the new business processes Novo Advisors put into place, they eliminated several unprofitable contracts. Prior management couldn’t do the financial analysis required to identify where contracts were at and the other related expenses, such as insurance costs, which meant those services were being provided at a loss. They also re-negotiated contracts causing the company stress.
CFO, Private Equity Firm
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Novo Advisors thinks about your situation as if it is their own. They’re always thinking, seven days a week. They are great at cutting to the chase, and narrowing down what needs to be accomplished. That capacity makes them very valuable — it enables me to trust them to handle very complex situations.”
VP, Global Chief Litigation Counsel

Listening is our strength

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At Novo Advisors, listening always comes first. Though we know that time is of the essence and the need to work quickly is critical, complex problems can’t be solved unless first understood. We ask questions — tons of them. We look at numbers and data — lots of it. This includes financial, operational, sales, dashboards and KPIs. Then, we ask even more questions until we gain a solid understanding of the business and situation. We don’t make assumptions and don’t give canned answers.
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Choose an advisor that really can assess the situation, understand it, and be specific and concrete about actions that need to be taken by management and the Board sooner rather than later — so you have more time to control the narrative and your own destiny, before you lose control of it.”
Board member, distressed company
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Novo Advisors understands both borrower and lender side dynamics. They can work in either scenario, and really understand how to pick apart a distressed financial situation and figure out what the options are.”
Law Firm

Novo Advisors delivers value no matter our role

Some key points of distinction about our services:

  • Novo Advisors has a proven track record in successful operational turnarounds.
  • In this role, we’ll work hand-in-hand with your management team to diagnose your challenges and brainstorm solutions to your most pressing needs.
  • We’ll stay with you until the end. Whether you need help presenting options to your board and lenders or implementing the solutions, we’ll be with you every step of the way.
  • Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to step in and help. As a Chief Restructuring Officer, we clarify confusion and develop solutions to create value in what might seem an impossible situation.
  • Novo Advisors is adept at dealing with crises, whether it be a liquidity issue, supply challenges, or customer demands. In such situations, we take a very pragmatic approach to keeping all parties calm.
  • Solutions might include a balance sheet fix, a plan of reorganization or supporting a sale. We are seasoned at guiding companies through bankruptcy, receivership or an assignment for benefit of creditors (ABC).
  • We also assist in winding down a business if the stakeholders conclude there are no other options.
  • The Novo Advisors team can take on interim management roles including C-Suite, controller, FP&A, treasury, operations management.
  • We can help support your special projects. Sometimes you need extra bandwidth developing KPIs, next year’s business plan, or help with a merger integration project. Our team can help you get it done.
  • Once past a critical situation, Novo Advisors looks to improve operations.
  • We can analyze SKU/Customer profitability, develop pricing improvement plans, and help rationalize an operating footprint.
  • Our senior leadership team have worked in a variety of operational roles where we’ve led teams and had P&L responsibilities. We can step in when needed.
  • We’re experts at harvesting accounts receivables, monetizing excess inventory, or supporting constructive conversations with your vendors.
  • If needed, we can help you find new or additional sources of capital to support your needs.

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