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Consider Novo Advisors® as the next step in your career if you’re seeking to take your skills to a higher level, while being part of a dynamic, respected team.
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We operate lean and mean. Everyone, including Sandeep, rolls up their sleeves to get the job done.”
Novo Advisors
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We do a deeper dive on engagements than many other firms, and the caliber of talent within our team is a key value proposition for our clients.”
Novo Advisors

Some key reasons to consider being part of our award-winning advisory team:

We invest in our people
At Novo Advisors, career development and ongoing training are our priorities. Junior advisors are assigned a mentor to guide their career development. Between your case manager and mentor, you will be given real-time feedback and maintain exposure to our senior leadership team. We pride ourselves in investing in our staff so that you can strive for your own professional best. Because you are investing in us, we want to invest in you.
Build your financial analytical skills
The core of what we do is financial analysis, one of Novo’s strongest skills. But it’s not just about knowing the numbers. We will teach you how to immerse yourself in your client’s business and how to ask smarter questions. As your career progresses, you will hone the skills to take on lead roles in engagements and eventually interim management or C-suite roles for our clients.
Learn the art of the client relationship
Next, we will teach you how to earn your client’s respect and trust. This starts with being thoughtful, humble, and listening. It’s an important skill that you’ll hone at Novo Advisors.
Work/Life balance
At Novo Advisors we pride ourselves on working hard but valuing our personal time with our travel schedules and client commitments.

The professionals we hire are ambitious, independent thinkers and respectful team players who can serve clients and lead stakeholder teams with dedication and humility. We welcome quality people with a desire to learn and excel.
To inquire about available positions, contact our HR team at:
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One of our biggest strengths is tone and approachability with clients — even when handling tense matters. We’re not a ‘stiff personality’ firm.”
Managing Director
Novo Advisors

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